Starting Your Free Trial

1. How can I begin my free trial with

To start your free trial, please visit our website at On this page, you can choose between a monthly or annual subscription. Once you've made your selection, enter your email address, and click "Try free for 7 days" to complete the registration process. Please note, that you need to cancel your free trial 24 hours before it expires to avoid being charged. 

2. What should I do after completing the registration on the website?

After successfully registering, open the app on your device. It's important to log in using the same email address you used during the signup process. If you find that you're not logged in with the correct email, you can easily rectify this by going to the "Grownups" section (located in the top-left corner of the map) and selecting "Log out." Then, log back in with the correct email.

3. Can I access any free content without starting the trial?

Absolutely! You can explore some of our free content within the app, even before starting the trial. This includes:

  • The ABC song
  • Grownup training lessons
  • Lesson 1
  • The Hungry Cloud game
  • The placement assessment

4. How can I avoid being charged if I choose to start the free trial?

It's important to be aware of the policies set by app stores. They require users to unsubscribe 24 hours before the end of the trial period to avoid being charged. If you want to enjoy the free trial content without being charged, you can start the trial and cancel it at least 24 hours before it ends. This way, you can explore the features without any financial commitment. To learn more on how to cancel your subscription, please visit this article for more information.

We're delighted that you're interested in, and we hope this information helps you get started with your reading journey. If you have any more questions or encounter any issues, please don't hesitate to reach out to us!