Accessing Printable Activities

We offer a range of engaging resources, including digital games and printable activities, designed to foster independent skill development and reinforce core concepts in reading. These activities complement our lessons and provide a well-rounded reading experience.

Our printable games and activities include Siren Song, Sound Bingo, Dragon Tower, Color by Word, and Sight Word Memory. These activities are designed to be downloaded and printed, allowing your child to engage with educational content away from the screen. They provide valuable reinforcement of key reading concepts.

To access the games and activities, you and your child can unlock them by completing lessons. As you progress through the lessons, more content will be released and unlocked, enhancing your child's reading journey.

Where can we find the printable activities within the app?

To locate the games and activities, simply tap on the "Games" section on the right side of the map. 

Games will appear first, and you can scroll down to find the first printable activity, "Siren Song." To download the printable activity, tap the download button provided.

You can also access the printable activities in the Grownup section. By tapping on "My Downloads" to the left of the plus sign symbol.

You'll be directed to the grownup portal, which opens in a web browser. Here, you'll find your children's profiles and the activities they have unlocked. Simply select your child's profile and tap the purple "Download" button to access the printable activity. Please note that if the button appears gray with a padlock symbol, it means your child hasn't completed the required lesson to access that particular activity.