Interactive Books

After completing lesson nine, you and your child will come across another Grownup training segment introducing interactive books. These books offer a unique reading experience, and here's what you can expect. The interactive books consist of three key components:

Word Reading:

Your child will practice sounding out new words from the upcoming book. It's natural for them to make some mistakes as they develop their blending skills, but that's perfectly okay! With your guidance and practice, their skills will improve over time.


Initially, the first several books are "co-read," meaning they contain both grownup and child text on each page. Your child can tap on the text to access sound sliders, helping them sound out the words. Additionally, your child can "scratch" to reveal illustrations on the right side of the page. This approach encourages phonics decoding skills rather than guessing words solely based on pictures, making learning engaging and effective.

Reading Comprehension:

Interactive books include three types of reading comprehension activities:

  • Questions: Open-ended questions meant to guide discussion.
  • Story Sequencing: Sorting story illustrations in order.
  • Word Finding: Searching for specific words on a page.

In lessons that have books, you have the option to exit just before the "Word Reading" section, and your progress will be saved. You can return to complete the book section later without restarting the lesson. However, for the best results, it's recommended to complete the entire lesson in one sitting. Once your child has completed these steps, the new book will unlock in her bookshelf for them to read again and again, either with you or independently! 

Is there a way to preview locked books before the lesson starts?

Yes, for those interested in seeing the book before the lesson starts or in planning lessons ahead of time, you can preview a locked book by tapping on it and entering the grownup code. However, it's advisable not to show these books to your child until after they have completed the lesson.

You'll also notice that the first fourteen books are labeled "Co-read," while the rest are not. 

Books labeled as “Co-read” have both grownup and child text on each page. This helps ease your child into reading books with a collaborative approach. The grownup text will appear above the child’s text. You will read the grownup text, and then your child will finish the page by reading their text. Your child will be able to tap on the text to access sound sliders to help them sound out the words.

Non-co-read books that are meant for your child to read independently will not have any text for grownups to read. The child’s text will still have access to the sound sliders when tapping on it. Even though there won’t be any specific text for you to read anymore as the adult, it’s still important that you sit with your child as they read, helping them when they get stuck or make mistakes, and providing feedback and encouragement.