What is Reading.com

Reading.com is a fun, co-play experience designed by education experts for parents and teachers to teach children to read, with love, care, and joy.

Lessons are fully scripted, so they don't require any special training or knowledge for parents or teachers to become effective reading instructors. This program takes children from letter recognition to confident reading at about an early 2nd-grade reading level. We are a standards-aligned program that also adheres to the Science of Reading. We do not map to any specific leveled reading system.

Key Features:

  • Scripted Lessons: Our program offers 99 scripted, easy-to-follow, 20-minute phonics lessons, making them accessible to parents and teachers without specialized training.
  • Digital Books: Access 60 scaffolded and decodable digital books, including 14 co-read books for shared reading experiences.
  • Interactive Games: Enjoy 4 digital games for independent skill development and reinforcement.
  • Printable Activities: Enhance learning with many printable games and activities.

Who is the app good for?

The Reading.com app is designed for children learning to read for the first time. 

  • Target Age Group: Our platform is primarily designed for beginning readers aged 3.5 - 8.
  • Learning Objective: We aim to bring young readers to a late first-grade/early second-grade reading level by the end of the program.

What It's Not:

  • Not a Remedial Program: It's important to note that Reading.com is not designed as a remedial program for older learners but for young students learning to read for the first time. That being said, older students may benefit from the explicit phonics instruction to aid in filling skills gaps.
  • Not a Language Learning App: Our platform is not designed for English language learning purposes, though some users have found it can be used successfully in English language learning contexts

We are dedicated to providing a researched-backed reading solution that empowers parents, guardians, teachers, and children on their reading journey. If you have any further questions, please refer to our FAQ section or reach out to our support team at support@reading.com for assistance.